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Figuring out what’s not working in your book can be more complicated than writing it in the first place.
You ask for feedback from friends, which leads to minor changes—you take away, you put back, you rewrite—but the problem persists. Something's not clicking, but what?

If you're serious about being a professional writer, it's time to work with a professional editor.

Like the idea of a workshop but don't want to waste 80% of your time talking about other people's writing?

Our Road Map package sets you up for success with a one-on-one customized workshop to improve your writing. You give us 7 days and 10,000 words and we'll teach you everything you need to know about how to strengthen your unique voice and become a better writer.

We’ll do a line edit on a sample of your novel and mark every single word, phrase, and detail where your writing gets loose or veers off road. We also provide in-depth feedback and offer suggestions on how to identify and correct your worst writing habits.

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Clyde Editing Philosophy:

Clyde helps writers to build, shape, and edit their fiction. When we talk in-depth editing, we mean it—we call into question every word, phrase, character movement, and punctuation mark that interrupts the flow of your narrative style, and we offer suggestions on exactly how to fix each point. We’ll show you how to craft a richer and more evocative narrative while maintaining your voice, style, and aesthetic.

What We Offer:

A multifaceted approach to mastering the short story. We've spend eight years editing literary magazines and we know what it takes to get published in one.

We're here to help with changes big and small. Whether your writing needs a major restructuring or just a facelift, we'll transform your manuscript from a work in progress to a finished novel.

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Writers We've Worked With:

Joyce Carol Oates
Lydia Davis
Aimee Bender
Siri Hustvedt
John Banville
Noam Chomsky
Dale Jamieson
Bonnie Nadzam

Noam Chomsky
Amy Grace Loyd
Lipika Pelham
Kathleen Alcott
Carlos Labbé
Jacques Strauss
Adam Wilson
Bernard Quiriny

Sergio Chejfec
Enrique Vila-Matas
Lara Vapnyar
Andrés Neuman
César Aira
Chinelo Okparanta
Chiara Barzini
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi

Edwidge Danticat
John Freeman
Charles Simic
T.C. Boyle
Nelly Reifler
David James Poissant
Justin Taylor


I can't say enough about Laura. She's conscientious and meticulous; she's timely and kind; she's an excellent communicator and really knows her stuff. She went above and beyond at every turn, and always availed herself to me for questions—big or small. I will most definitely work with her again on future releases.

—Brent Jones, author of The Fifteenth of June

Laura's work was thorough and thoughtful. In addition to precise copy edits, she also provided many suggestions to help take my work deeper. She delivered the work in a timely manner and even followed up to make sure all my questions were answered. I will look forward to working with Laura again.

—Lisa Manterfield, author of A Strange Companion


Laura was a valuable asset in my effort to write something worth reading. She was a pleasure to work with: great attitude, very professional, makes good use of the Chicago Manual of Style, and she is a nice person. Accomplished the work on time and answered my follow-up questions. I highly recommend Laura.

—Eddie Reeves, author of When Sin Stops


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