Book Editing


Figuring out what’s not working in your book can be more complicated than writing it in the first place. You ask for feedback, you make changes here and there—you take away, you put back, you rewrite—but the problem persists. Something is not clicking, but what?

And now it’s been months or years and you’re frustrated and going in circles. Your writing still has that feeling, an inadequacy you can’t quite put your finger on. What you need is an editor who has the experience to transform your writing from great to stellar.


I can't say enough about Laura. She's conscientious and meticulous; she's timely and kind; she's an excellent communicator and really knows her stuff. She went above and beyond at every turn, and always availed herself to me for questions—big or small. I will most definitely work with her again on future releases.

—Brent Jones, Author of The Fifteenth of June

Laura's work was thorough and thoughtful. In addition to precise copy edits, she also provided many suggestions to help take my work deeper. She delivered the work in a timely manner and even followed up to make sure all my questions were answered. I will look forward to working with Laura again.

—Lisa Manterfield, Author of A Strange Companion

Clyde Philosophy:

Clyde helps writers to build, shape, and edit their novels. When we talk in-depth editing, we mean it—we call into question every word, phrase, character movement, and punctuation mark that interrupts the flow of your narrative style, and we offer suggestions on exactly how to fix each point. We’ll show you how to craft a richer and more evocative narrative while maintaining your voice, style, and aesthetic. Clyde will transform your manuscript from a work in progress to a finished novel.

Become a Better Writer in Just 7 Days

Every writer we’ve ever worked with has a set of mistakes they repeat throughout their entire manuscript. These are their weak writing habits and they are unique to each writer.
At Clyde, we offer a tailored guide to show you exactly what your weaknesses are and how to correct them so that you'll never make those mistakes again.

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